Monday, 30 December 2013

Reasons Why People Shop Online.

In our last article we talked about the origin of online shopping and how did customers shift from brick and mortar stores to virtual shops. There are different reasons why people are moving to eCommerce portals and today we will put light on few of the major reasons why more and more people are following the trend these days. In a survey where everyone was allowed to choose multiple choices for why they prefer shopping online. Following were the results.

  • Time Saving: The top reason for people to shop online is that it is Time Saving. A whopping 73% voted online shopping to be a time saving option and why not, you don’t have to worry about going and coming back from the markets, no queues at the counter. “In today’s world where people juggling between work and family hardly get time for themselves, online shopping has come as a relief. 90% of my stuff I bought in last year, I bought it online” said Rupinder whose work hours start at 10 in the morning and there is no set time when he returns home.
  • More Variety: 67% of the people said it’s easier to browse through more options when you are shopping online. One does not have to worry about going to n number of shops to get the product that they are looking for; you can browse 1000s of products if you invest a little time to browse through a couple of portals and choose the product that you feel best for your use.

  • Easy to Compare Prices: A good 59% people feel the major reason why they shop online is that it is easy to compare prices when you are shopping online. Nupur, a final year Political Science student says “I always check prices on websites like before buying a product so that I get stuff on lowest prices; there is no such option available in physical shopping and thus online shopping works best for me.”
  • No Crowd: A very close fourth position, with 58% votes, is taken by the fact that shopping online is perfect solution to avoid crowded markets. For those who don’t like going to markets just because there is endless crowd in markets, eCommerce portals have come as a life saver.
  • Lower Prices: 55% people say they shop online because they get lower prices than what they get in a physical store. The major reason for this is that eCommerce portals have global presence unlike the local shops and thus all this virtual stores regardless of their base location, serve people of all regions and thus compete with every other virtual store, thus they have a huge competition and thus reduce their prices in order get new customers and retain them.
  • Spend Less on Fuel: The rising fuel prices have made 40% of the people to mention they prefer online shopping because they save on fuel prices. Online shopping has made people follow the concept of “Every penny saved is a penny earned.”
  • Less Taxes: 30% people prefer shopping online because they feel the taxes they have to pay at eCommerce portals is lesser than online stores. Ashish, a CA who works in an MNC says he shops online for a simple reason: Lower Taxes.

3% users had other reasons for shopping online. For Monica “Getting notification of “Out of Stock” products whenever they become available in future” is a ground-breaker, while many mentioned that they don’t have to worry about carrying shopping bags as the reason why they prefer online shopping.

One of the major reason why I go shopping online, though it did not get much votes, is that the online stores are open according to my convenience, whether I want to shop at 1 in the night or 7 in the morning or during the lunch hour in my office. I do not have to wait for weekends or worry about the closing time of my favourite markets.

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